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BEST Web report

The results from the BEST Surveys conducted from 2001 until today are available through a web based reporting solution. You can log in to the application here. If you need a username and password, please contact BEST project manager.


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BEST Organising Committee

BEST Organising Committee

Jens Plambeck, BEST Chair, Chef strategisk utveckling, SL

Gabriella Nilsson, BEST Vice Chair, Head of Analysis, SL (

Kjetil Vrenne, BEST Project Coordinator, ECAS, ( +47 922 53 471




BEST annual seminar 2021

Will be held on Teams on the 9th of June from 09.00 to 16.00. More info will follow. Seminar registration.


BEST workshops 2021

BEST will arrange four workshops in 2021. Below is an overview of topics, dates and links to the registration page and programs. We will publish and update the programs on an ongoing basis. 

Workshop 1: Scenarios for future public transport demand, hosted by SLL on the 19th of February. 




Workshop 2: Need for new tariff models and ticket products due to changing competitive environment? Hosted by HSL on the 24th of March. 


Preliminary program


Workshop 3: How to combine public transport and micro-mobility? Hosted by Ruter in September. 


Program to be published

Workshop 4: MaaS/Mobility (together with the Nordic informal mobility group) Successful and less successful mobility services. November. Hosted by Movia. 


Program to be published


BEST workshops in 2020

Workshop 4: 24th of November 2020, on Teams: Public Transport on demand and new forms of mobility. New generations and new requirements. Which services are on/off, time-frames? Who will use it, in what way, and how fast will the use of these new services grow? Status and thoughts from each BEST city. 

Among the topics to be presented is:

  • Bridging the divide between scheduled PT and fully flexible PT, Michael Skov, Movia
  • HSL IdeaLab: Piloting e-scooters and DRT in the Helsinki region, Jemina Uusitalo, Leading MaaS Expert, HSL
  • On-demand shuttles, Håkan Karlsson, SLL
  • Nyssykkä - the connection between train station and city centre, Leena Huhtala, Tampere

The complete program is to be found here.

Workshop presentations 2020

All presentations from workshops held in 2020 are to be found here: It requires login. If you register as a new user, you need to notify the BEST project coordinator after the registration process is complete to get access to all the content. 

Turku and Tampere new members of BEST

We are happy to announce that the two Finnish cities Tampere and Turku have become members of BEST from 2020. Tampere is Finland’s second-largest city area and the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries. Turku is the oldest town in Finland and was the most important city in the country for hundreds of years. Today it is Finlands 6th biggest city with around 200.000 inhabitants.  


BEST workshop #4 - 2019: How to take charge of customer response? 

How to convert customer feedback into customer insights, and make the insights available to the organization? This is the topic for the last BEST workshop in 2019.
The workshop is targeted at people working at customer centres / with customer feedback, and/or people that needs customer insight to perform their activities.

Among the topics that were presented are:

  • How Ruter will convert customer feedback into customer insight
  • How Stockholm/SL customer service centre drives digital transformation in order to handle high volumes of customer feedback
  • Examples of how customer feedback/complaints are used actively in Copenhagen
  • HSL Customer Service changes; How to deliver best customer service in the future

The workshop was held in Oslo on the 21st of November, and all presentations are available here 

Workshop: How do we motivate customers to pay?

The third workshop this year will be about how we motivate customers to pay for the public transport trip. At the workshop, the role of hard measures, like ticket inspection, and soft measure, like communication campaigns, will be discussed. These measures require different approaches. What approaches works better than others?

The workshop took place at Movias offices in Copenhagen on the 31st of October.  All presentations are available here 


Travel behaviour surveys: Stockholm 3rd of September.

The workshop about "Travel behaviour surveys. How to optimize them?" was held in Stockholm on the 3rd of September. The presentations are now published in the BEST web site (login required).


BEST WS 2 2019





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