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This is BEST

This is BEST

The BEST History


BEST stands for Benchmarking European Service of public Transport and is a project that started in 1999 with the overall objective to increase the use of public transport in European urban areas.

The BEST Objective

To strengthen focus on customers’ needs, demands and expectations and to establish a learning process among public transport professionals are other important objectives for BEST.

The BEST Survey

At least 1.000 citizens are interviewed in a web panel survey every year in each of the participating cities / regions about their attitudes to public transport.

The BEST Report & analysis

The results from the BEST Survey are presented in reports which show the results for both the individual city region and for all participating BEST city regions.

The BEST Seminar

The participating cities take part in a mandatory seminar held every year in the spring (free of charge for one person). The seminar is also open for PTA's not currently members of BEST. 

BEST Workshops

The goal of the workshops is to create an arena where experts in a certain field can meet and spend a whole day exchanging ideas & experiences. Normally 4 to 5 workshops are held each year. At the workshops the current situation and common challenges in each city are discussed, based on presentations made by each participating city. Normally between 10 and 20 persons attended at each of the workshops. The workshops are open for PTA's not currently a member of BEST, and are free of charge. 


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